Monday, November 1, 2010

looking forward to the next real excuse to look super fancy: the holiday season!!!

1940s holiday party dress, soon to be for sale in the shoppe

Sunday, October 31, 2010


day I: the tramp

day I: the tramp
day II: patsy cline

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

chelsea marie's favourite autumn outfits & vintage finds vol. 1

a whole century worth of radness
( 1990s army inspired button down, 1970s woven belt, victorian skirt of my dreams, 1980s eddie baurer boots)

totally amish
( 1970s wide brimmed wool hat, 1930s navy pinstriped wool men's vest,
1980s poet blouse, 1980s high waisted gap jeans, cole haan loafers with tassel and gold hardware )

my agonizing need for gigantic sweaters is reborn
( so 80s )

warm vs. delicate
( 1950s brown velvet & veiled hat, 1970s wool sweater, 1980s woven belt via mom's closet ,
1950s embroidered cotton slip, betsy johnson rose bud stockings, 1960s maryjanes )

sort of amish
( 1960s henry pollak wool hat, 1980s cardigan, 1950s wool tie, 1980s pleated linen skirt, 1980s black roper boots )

spy career commence-icon
( 1970s trench coat, nine west stockings, 1980s eddie baurer boots )

( proud to be american )

chelsea marie

Saturday, May 15, 2010

finds of the week

this week has been a fantastic thrifting week for lauryn and i!!
 here are our favourite finds:

we love this pattern, and this woven belt with a carved wooden buckle goes perfectly with it!

early 60's kelly style bag & a 70's faux croc cross-body bag with appropriate hardware, both soon to be posted in our etsy shoppe :} 

1980's dress with crazy albatross print

1950's quilted bed jacket with the cutest little buttons and scalloped hems, soon to be posted in our etsy shoppe.

1960's girl scout shirt to add to my ever growing girl scout uniform collection

best ankle boots ever!! size 8 1/2, soon to be up at our etsy shop

i can't even stand these little 40's tap shorts, they are so frickin cute and fit perfectly!

this is the second 1940's dress we have found in the past few months with this collar detail. 
 look at them buttons!!

mowmers coasters

1950's semi-wrap dress with gold screen printed floral pattern, my new favourite dress (duh)

lauryn has been searching for months for the perfect wooden necklace for summer, and we finally found it!

this just rules.(rain dance umbrella)

we are totally obsessed with drinking ice cold beverages out of bell jars right now. they make everything so much more refreshing!

last but not least, a fun little clawfooted antique sign stand and a brass hooter bookend. reversible 1980's zebra/leopard print vest will soon be up in our shoppe.

we will be posting how these treasures are being put to use all week!

see you soon!
chelsea marie & lauryn michelle
(threft champiens fer lyfe)