Sunday, October 31, 2010


day I: the tramp

day I: the tramp
day II: patsy cline

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

chelsea marie's favourite autumn outfits & vintage finds vol. 1

a whole century worth of radness
( 1990s army inspired button down, 1970s woven belt, victorian skirt of my dreams, 1980s eddie baurer boots)

totally amish
( 1970s wide brimmed wool hat, 1930s navy pinstriped wool men's vest,
1980s poet blouse, 1980s high waisted gap jeans, cole haan loafers with tassel and gold hardware )

my agonizing need for gigantic sweaters is reborn
( so 80s )

warm vs. delicate
( 1950s brown velvet & veiled hat, 1970s wool sweater, 1980s woven belt via mom's closet ,
1950s embroidered cotton slip, betsy johnson rose bud stockings, 1960s maryjanes )

sort of amish
( 1960s henry pollak wool hat, 1980s cardigan, 1950s wool tie, 1980s pleated linen skirt, 1980s black roper boots )

spy career commence-icon
( 1970s trench coat, nine west stockings, 1980s eddie baurer boots )

( proud to be american )

chelsea marie